understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Gentlemen, I want to put before you again today, you who are without financial supply, for goodness’ sake, understand the Messengers were in your same position when I asked Them to go forth. I could have, with the turn of My Hand, released all the money They would ever require; but did I do it? No. When I would have given both arms and legs to have done it, yet I knew better.

I know the Law and I knew if They did not make the Application right then and there, that They would not win Their Victory in this embodiment.

That is why I watched and found – of course I am telling you a secret now, that They have not known – I watched and found Them in this position to see how much stamina was within the Light within Them; and I was not disappointed. (Applause – audience rising) Please be seated.

Gentlemen, think of it! Because They were so joyfully and willingly obedient to My slightest Request, They decided to go forth.

Now, Gentlemen, this is the Truth: don’t forget it. They have told you many times, but I am telling you Myself today; for I want to drive this point home, that none of you gentlemen will ever admit again that you have financial limitations.

I want you to dismiss that thing from your world forever.

Those Blessed Ones, not knowing outwardly which way to turn, took their rent money – and there was five months’ then due – to go to Philadelphia. That was the proving, and that was what I wanted Them to prove. They went forth with that full courage and power, and if you knew how timid this form standing before you was; up to that time, you would not have thought it was possible.

Therefore, Gentlemen, I am telling you today the mightiest Truth that exists in the World. There is not one thing in this Universe to deprive you of the money supply you require, except your divided felling. It cannot do it. Therefore I say to you, dismiss that!”

Beloved Saint Germain

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