isis unveiled: chapter chapter VIII (our place among infinities)

“An old Hindu legend says that Brahma-Prajapati, having fallen in love with his own daughter, Ushas (Heaven, sometimes the Dawn also), assumed the form of a buck (ris’ya) and Ushas that of a female deer (rohit) and thus committed the first sin.

Upon such a desecration, the gods felt so terrified, that uniting their most fearful-looking bodies – each god possessing as many bodies as he desires – they produced Bhutavan (the spirit of evil), who was created by them on purpose to destroy the incarnation of the first sin committed by the Brahma himself.

Upon seeing this, Brahma-Hiranyagarbha repented bitterly and began repeating the Mantras, or prayers of purification, and, in his grief, dropped on earth a tear, the hottest that ever fell from an eye; and from it was formed the first sapphire.

This half-sacred, half-popular legend shows that the Hindus knew which was the most electric of all prismatic colors; moreover, the particular influence of the sapphire-stone was as well defined as that of all the other minerals.

Orpheus teaches how it is possible to affect a whole audience by means of a lodestone; Pythagoras pays a particular attention to the color and nature of precious stones; while Appolonius of Tyana imparts to his disciples the secret virtues of each, and changes his jeweled rings daily, using a particular stone for every day of the month and according to the laws of judicial astrology.

The Buddhist assert that sapphire produces peace of mind, equanimity, and chases all evil thoughts by establishing a healthy circulation in man. So does an electric battery, with its well-directed fluid, say our electricians.

“The sapphire”, say the Buddhists, “will open barred doors and dwellings (for the spirit of man); it produces a desire for prayer, and brings with it more peace than any other gem; but who would wear it must lead a pure and holy life.””

H. P. Blavatsky

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