understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Today, as we go forward in the Expansion of this Light, remember, Beloved Friends of America, you are part of Myself because you have listened today, because My Stream of Light and Energy has gone into your world. Therefore I say to you, My Blessing shall always abide with you.

One day when you come to understand this Great Truth of Life, will you too, with the great body of Students, thank Me for My Humble Efforts in bringing to you this Majestic, All-powerful Understanding and Application of Life.

It means everything to you. It means your Freedom, your financial Supply. It means your Health, your Strength, your Mighty Power of Action to produce exact results in your world.

Remember, your Call to Life will produce that exact, mathematical result as you harmonize your feelings and realize that your Call to Life is the release and the Call to Light that knows no opposition.

So stand forth, Friends of America, in the fullness of all Life holds for you and for the Victory of the Law of Life.

Therefore, in the fullness of all that We are today and Life is, will we have the goal, Gentlemen, made manifest in the fullness of all the fondness that your Heart has ever craved.

Think of it! Today you stand with open Heart, with your hands to your “Presence”. Your “Presence” holds your hand with Its Infinite Power of Light, taking you forward to the Victory of all that your Heart has ever desired.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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