isis unveiled: chapter chapter VIII (our place among infinities)

“In his astronomical aspect Zeus-Dionysus has his origin in the zodiac, the ancient solar year. In Libya he assumed the form of a ram, and is identical with the Egyptian Amun, who begat Osiris, the taurian god. Osiris is also a personified emanation of the Father-Sun, and himself the Sun in Taurus. The Parent-Sun being the Sun in Aries.

As the latter, Jupiter, is in the guise of a ram, and as Jupiter-Dionysus or Jupiter Osiris, he is the bull. This animal is, as it is well-known, the symbol of the creative power; more over the Kabala explains, through the medium of one of its chief expounders, Simon-Ben-lochai, the origin of this strange worship of the bulls and cows.

It is neither Darwin nor Huxley – the founders of the doctrine of evolution and its necessary complement, the transformation of species – that can find anything against the rationality of this symbol, except, perhaps, a natural feeling of uneasiness upon finding that they were preceded by the ancients even in this particular modern discovery. Elsewhere, we will give the doctrine of the kabalists as taught by Simon-Ben-lochai.”

H. P. Blavatsky

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