isis unveiled: chapter chapter VIII (our place among infinities)

“In just twice two hundred years from the date of that prophecy, we had the Crimean war, during which the alliance of the Gallic Cock and English Bull interfered with the political designs of the Russian Bear. In 1856 the war was ended, and Turkey, or the Crescent, closely escaped destruction.

In the present year (1876) the most unexpected events of a political character have just taken place, and twice ten years have elapsed since peace was proclaimed.

Everything seems to bid fair for a fulfillment of the old prophecy; the future will tell whether the Moslem Crescent, which seems, indeed, to be waning, will irrevocably “wane, dissolve, and disappear”, as the outcome of the present troubles.

In explaining away the heterodox facts which he appears to have encountered in his pursuit of knowledge, Mr. Proctor is obliged more than once in his work, to fall back upon upon these “curious coincidences.”

One of the most curious of these is stated by him in a foot-note (page 301) as follows:

“I do not here dwell on the curious coincidence – if, indeed, Chaldean astrologers had not discovered the ring of Saturn – that they showed the god corresponding with a ring and triple….Very moderate optical knowledge – such, indeed, as we may fairly infer from the presence of optical instruments among Assyrian remains – might have led to the discovery of Saturnal rings and Jupiter’s moons….Bel, the Assyrian Jupiter”, he adds, “was represented sometimes with four star-tipped wings. But it is possible that these are mere coincidences.”

In short, Mr. Proctor’s theory of coincidence becomes finally more suggestive of miracle than the facts themselves. For coincidences our friends the skeptics appear to have an unappeasable appetite.”

H. P. Blavatsky

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