understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I am so delighted to see the evidence before mankind and among the Students of how they have gone on and on in their Application – many times feeling that they have not gained the Victory which should have been theirs, but knowing that within the feeling world was lurking some latent feeling that was acting unbeknown to the intellect and that was preventing the Answer to their Call and Application which they were making.

Just as soon as the full conviction of their authority and power of Application begins to act, everything reverses and the Answer comes immediately at their Call. That is so with every human being on Earth in applying this Law.

It means only one thing, Beloved Friends of America and Beloved Minute Men: As the Messengers have proven to the World, you must keep up your Application, definitely, just as if you were driving home a great and mighty Truth and Activity.

Keep on applying – not especially looking for results because they are sure to come, but applying with dynamic determination. Then one day you will see every seeming obstruction has dissolved. Then your Application will be producing such instantaneous results as will satisfy the most exacting.”

Life has always stood ready to do this for you, but remember, never in the World have mankind been aware that their feeling was the opposing power in their Life. Now that is by your requalification and the faculties that are yours which you are using every minute.

Your qualification is a feeling; and when you understand how you can call the “Presence” to stop that, then hold harmony in your feelings – then as you call this “Mighty Presence” into action, Life will produce Perfection.

Since you do have Free Will to qualify this energy going forth with whatever feeling is acting in your feeling world, then you will see how you have been responsible for any limitation or mistakes that have been there, and how your “Presence of Life” will enable you to remedy this.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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