understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Those who have been preaching Jesus Christ with one breath – calling for the Presence of Jesus Christ – and with the next breath condemning their fellowman, are certainly a house divided against itself. So it is with all mankind where there are two forces acting in your Life – one hour of happiness and harmony and the next of criticism and condemnation of some kind.

These are qualities acting, Beloved Friends of America and Beloved Minute Men, and there is no Law in the Universe that can stay it but yourself.

Whatever feeling is acting in you must be the power that is going to be the dominant action in your Life.

Therefore, as you understand how to prevent this – and remember, you as a human being through the intellect cannot change or remedy these things; but through your intellect and your feeling, you call to the “Presence of all Life” to silence all human qualities within you and pour forth the limitless Energy and Purity and Perfection of the Presence, the “Mighty I AM”, to flow forth in your world and harmonize everything. Then you have fulfilled the Law of your Life and everyone’s Life to produce Perfection for you.

As you understand this, you will find that quickly will come into action this complete change in your Life.

The Messengers has had innumerable letters recently from Students who have been studying for some time. and only in the recent Shrine Class did they comprehend the understanding of some of these simple, fundamental Laws – they “clicked”, so to speak, within their consciousness for action that has enabled them to produce such so-called miraculous results since the beginning of that Class.

Therefore, it show to all of you that it is only continuous Application, unyielding to the appearance world about you, that will finally break through the human creation and produce these exact results for you.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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