isis unveiled: chapter chapter VIII (our place among infinities)

“Think not my magic wonders wrought by aid, of Stygian angels summoned up from hell; scorned and accursed by those who have essay’d, her gloomy Divs and Afrites to compel. But by perception of the secret powers of mineral springs, in nature’s inmost cell, of herbs in curtain of her greenest bowers, and of the moving stars o’er mountain tops and towers.” – TASSO, Canto XIV., xliii.

Who dares think one thing and another tell, my heart detests him as the gates of Hell!” – POPE

“If man ceases to exist when he disappears in the grave, you must be compelled to affirm that he is the only creature in existence whom nature or providence has condescended to deceive and cheat by capacities for which there are no available objects.” – BULLWER-LYTTON: Strange Story.”

“THE preface of Richard A. Proctor’s latest work on astronomy, entitled Our Place among Infinities, contains the following extraordinary words: “It was their ignorance of the earth’s place among infinities, which led the ancients to regard the heavenly bodies as ruling favorably or adversely the fates of men and nations, and to dedicate the days in sets of seven to the seven planets of their astrological system.”

Mr. Proctor makes two distinct assertions in this sentence: 1. That the ancients were ignorant of the earth’s place among infinities; and 2. That they regarded the heavenly bodies as ruling, favorably or adversely, the fates of men and nations.

We are very confident that there is at least good reason to suspect that the ancients were familiar with the movements, emplacements, and mutual relations of the heavenly bodies.”

H. P. Blavatsky

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