understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Now you will understand, Beloved friends of America – the Students do – that your Life is flowing forth through your body, a power of energy. When you run against something in the dark, or when you become aware of the power that you are using every time you eat your food, by the pressure of your jaws, then you will know the limitless energy that you are already using.

When I say to you that you are using only about ten percent of the power and energy that it is your privilege to use, then you will understand why you have not had greater Perfection, greater results in your world of activity.

But when you do understand this, then you will see that beating your Heart is your Authority, is your Life, is your greater Intelligence that you can call forth into action from the “Great Presence of Life”, which is above you.

Then you will see that not a thing in all the wide world can limit you but yourself.

You can call this “Presence” forth – and remember, It is the Power of Light acting; therefore, the Power of Light knows no opposition. It moves forward into action at your Call, for the Light never battles anything in the Universe. That is why We say to you, Beloved Friends of America, those who seemingly try to oppose this Light or say unkind things about the Messengers, they are sounding their own destruction.

They do not believe that, but one day they will find that true – for they have put forth the cause, which is destructive thought and feeling that must return upon them.

Now it is true with any human being on Earth that what you send forth through your feeling must return again to you.

I say to you, Friends of America and Beloved Minute Men, this simple, magnificent Understanding is the imperative need of all mankind today.

You must realize that your feeling world is the cause of all there is, and the feeling world of all mankind is the cause of all there is in the mass of mankind.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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