understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“In order to keep My Word, I must stop. I have only twenty minutes left. Gentlemen, try to feel My Great Gratitude to you for your great loving response to My Humble Efforts. One day we shall look back upon the experiences of today from a height that will seem as though it could not have been in so recent a time.

Today we are going forward in the great Freedom and Victory of Light, and I am so happy to have you with Me. I know you do feel how great My Love is for you and how deep My Gratitude for the response of mankind, who can only have their protection and freedom by the Understanding of this Great Law.

So, feel each day – charge yourselves each night before you retire with the Invincible Power of the “Presence”, and then in the morning with Its Invincible, Almighty Activity, so that you keep charging and gaining this momentum that of its own power and volition will set you wholly Free.

It is not a hair-raising activity, but a great calm determination in your Call to the “Presence” which will as surely charge you with Its great charge of Momentum; and very suddenly you will find, “Well, isn’t it wonderful, all those qualities are gone; and I think, feel, and see the solution of things with a clearness I could not imagine a few months ago!”

That is coming and is at hand; I want you to feel it and accept it.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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