understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Remember you represent the Light, and the Light knows no opposition in this world. Gentlemen, won’t you feel that, as never before in your Life – right now when I am speaking these Words!

Feel you represent the Light! Your Call to the “Mighty I AM Presence” is the Call to the Powers of Infinite Light which rush forward into your world of action; and everything of human quality is there, all limitations of discord just dissolve before It.

There is no battle in that, Gentlemen. We have passed the field of battle. This is the Power of Light that goes forth, Gentlemen, to do these things harmoniously, because there is no opposition to the Light in the Universe.

Why look, Gentlemen – all of these dark forces, whether they be individualized or not, are qualities. they never make the slightest attempt to oppose Us in Our Ascended Presence. When We appear, they are absolutely inactive.

Only through human beings do they find a few opportunities to act, because of the accumulated energy and vicious discord that has been generated within those individuals – the few that force can still use, but it is very small. It is of no consequence; and they are seeing today, as they froth at the mouth, that they are helpless, and they know it.

Don’t fear, don’t worry that any of these vicious individuals in your city are going to harm this Work. They are emptying their churches every day; and unless they discontinue this tirade against this Work and the Messengers, many churches will be emptied – not because it is Our wish, but because they themselves have set the Law into action that produces it.

I have tried to help them. I have stated the Law, but if they are too vicious to believe it, then they must take their medicine. It will be rather bitter, but they will swallow it I presume. This is the Law.

Gentlemen, We are not talking about human activities; We are talking about the Law of Life that acts according to Law and Order, and acts according to human qualification. When individuals insist on qualifying it wrongly, then they get the wrong result.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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