understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Why do you think I refer to this picture today? Because in it is a mighty lesson. It is tragic, but that tragedy actually took place and far more than is portrayed there.

I say to you, in calling your attention to that, if it had not been for the Effort and Protection of the Ascended Masters today, you would have been in a condition exactly like that which was in France at that time, because the communistic element and the vicious angles of that kind, seek only one thing – destruction of mankind.

Those poor, unfortunate men who are caught in it believe that it has a solution within it.

Gentlemen, it is the greatest tragedy on the face of the Earth – that thing and its cunning claws. Take the activity such as Nazism and other activities – nothing but the same claw acting.

I say to you, Gentlemen, it was true that Mussolini said what he did, which was printed in the papers – his vicious comment on the Goddess of Liberty. He will swallow that. (Applause – audience rising)

Gentlemen, the day of chivalry is not past! A human being so depraved as to allow a comment to go forth, which is his Life, causing that vibratory action – with your Calls I will see that he does swallow it, if I have to go and appear to him in My Tangible Body and see that he does do it.

I still have My masculine form; and no human being in embodiment is going to say that about Our Goddess of Liberty and get away with it. Her Purity is so great that he is not fit to touch the hem of Her Garment.

Therefore, Gentlemen, you have powerful Friends; don’t forget it.

Now I am not trying to start a national controversy; but I tell you, Gentlemen, as My Minute Men, if you will make the Call to stop that kind of thing. We will see that it is done. I don’t mind what they say about Me, but they are not going to talk about the ladies like that. Thank you, and please be seated.

Gentlemen, do you know that America would not exist today in spite of My Efforts, if it had not been for your Wondrous Goddess of Liberty? I understand quite well that he thinks Her Statue of Liberty is just a symbol.

He does not know that represents a Great Cosmic Being, but it is time he did.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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