understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“We are but reminding you of what Life is asking. Life has waited – just think of it, Beloved Minute Men – throughout the centuries! Life has waited and waited, given you embodiment after embodiment opportunities to right yourself, to adjust yourself and give the obedience to Life.
But don’t you see how you could not understand that the Energy of this “Presence” and these qualities acting within you which you are unaware of – how could you know and give obedience until your attention was drawn to it?

Of course, to some degree you are to blame; but don’t you see it is largely because the accumulated discord of mankind had clouded your feeling world, even within your own physical bodies!

Think of it!

These points of Light in every cell of your body would of their own volition make you a Luminous Being and wholly real in the response of the Mighty Currents of Energy poured forth by your “Presence”.

Because of the discord in your feeling, you have clothed those points of Light with density that has made it impossible for you to be aware of, or at least comprehend, the finer Vibratory Action from your “Presence” that would give you the Perfection of Life.

Today, even through the density that exists in the physical bodies of mankind, everyone is a hundred times more sensitive than anyone realizes. You are constantly feeling vibratory action about you just as definitely – only you have not given it attention; you have not tried to understand it.

Why, when you come near a person, do you feel repelled? Because in the feeling world of that individual is something very discordant, possibly vicious. You meet another person and you feel so drawn to them that you would like to take them in your arms.

That is the power of Harmony.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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