isis unveiled: chapter chapter VII (thou great first cause)

“The theory of “force-correlation”, though it may be in the minds of our contemporaries “the greatest discovery of the age”, can account for neither the beginning nor the end of one of such forces; neither can the theory point out the cause of it. Forces may be convertible, and one may produce the other, still, no exact science is able to explain the alpha and omega of the phenomenon.

In what particular are we then in advance of Plato who, discussing the Timaeus the primary and secondary qualities of matter and the feebleness of human intellect, makes Timaeus say: “God knows the original qualities of things; man can only hope to attain to probability.”

We have but to open one of the several pamphlets of Huxley and Tyndall to find precisely the same confession; but they improve upon Plato by not allowing even God to know more than themselves; and perhaps it may be upon this that they base their claims of superiority?  The ancient Hindus founded their doctrine of emanation and absorption on precisely that law.

The To Ov, the primordial point in the boundless circle, “whose circumference is nowhere, and the centre everywhere”, emanating from itself all things, and manifesting them in the visible universe under multifarious forms; the form interchanging, commingling, and, after a gradual transformation from the pure spirit (or the Buddhistic “nothing”), into the grossest matter, beginning to recede and as gradually re-emerge into their primitive state, which is the absorption into Nirvana – what else is this but correlation of forces?”

H. P. Blavatsky

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