understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I say to you, Beloved Friends of America, My Love pours out to you with such a great Power and Stream of Energy today. You must all feel that great Redeeming Power which It is, that great Strength and Courage to you.

Accept It, Beloved Friends of America; and by My sustained Outpouring to you through the Currents of Energy established today, will It go on in Its great, beautiful, powerful work to set you free.

You will find this: It will come into a courage and strength that you possibly will wonder sometimes: “Well, where does this come from? Perhaps, after all, that voice I heard over the radio did convey into my world something of which I was unaware.”

I assure you, Beloved Friends of America, that Current of Energy that is coming to you today is as tangible as the stream of water from your faucet, and remember that.

That Life, that Power of Divine Love that comes with It, is the harmonious Presence and Power that wants to help you, because It is an Amplification of your own Life. It has waited so long and wanted to bring that Power of Harmony into your world.

I say to you, Beloved Ones, in the fullness of the Power of Light, in the Blessing of the Ascended Masters, the Legions of Light, the Great Cosmic Beings, and the Great Cosmic Light, arise, mankind! Awaken into the fullness of all your own precious Life is, all your Heart holds for you!

It is natural! It is free! Saint Germain God Presence Chart

No person in the Universe or all put together can deprive you of that Beauty and Perfection which your own Stream of Life is carrying to you every moment.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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