understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“The outer world does not understand this, but consider for a moment: When you were a child in school or since you are grown, you enter into something – a business for instance – with which you are not familiar. Do you begin with the full understanding of that at once? Of course not.

When you started in school you did not jump from the kindergarten to algebra or calculus or some higher understanding, did you?

You went step by step. So, you have to begin step by step before you have attained this Great Perfection.

We are in a position to not only tell you, but show you the way; and by the Power of pouring forth Our Vibratory Action into your world, We do give you Strength and Courage beyond your fondest imagination.

Only a certain percentage of the Students are really beginning to fully comprehend what Our Vibratory Action, sent forth to them by the Light Rays, means as sustaining Courage, Power, and Ability of Achievement.

As you come to understand yourself, you will see that you are dealing with the most natural, beautiful, majestic, powerful thing – your own Life, Beloved Friends of America.

There is nothing else in the World with which you are ever dealing.

Now then, when you are dealing with discord of the outer world, still you are dealing with Life – but by your wrong qualification. There is no energy to use but the energy of Life, and that which seems to be discordant is mankind’s wrong qualification.

When you see that, how quickly you will face about and set your world in order.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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