understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Now those who are opposing this Light are constantly projecting at you thoughts of sex desire, disobedience, and all that kind of thing to cause discredit upon the Light.

You must understand and realize you are strong enough to resist those suggestions in order to carry honorably the Light everywhere. You are strong enough! I have faith in you.

It does not make any difference what your mistakes are, I am not concerned – neither are you; but to turn to the Light and be dignified in all your activities, honest, and sincere, that all your fellowmen will open the Gates of Light to you.

I assure you, do not expect, when I say these Words, some miracle to be performed in a few hours. But I say to you with your earnest obedience to the Light and your purity of thought and feeling, when you waste your sex energy, you are depriving yourselves of everything you need for your victory and success in the outer world.

Mankind has not understood these things! I speak frankly to you today because you are honest, fine, and sincere, and I want you to know these things. You need that energy in your body. That is your Life you are wasting. You waste it through anger, jealousy, hatred, and all those kinds of things.

But the greatest is the waste through the sex energy; and all destructive forces of mankind are focused upon mankind today for that one thing – to get them to waste their energy so they cannot hold to their “Presence” and Power of Life and have Freedom.

This is absolutely imperative; and you as Minute men who have more than the average understanding, and in representing this Work, I say this to you for your own protection and your own Blessing. I shall not say what you should do; that would be out of place. But I present to you the Law, which you do not possibly understand even yet.

Eighty percent of you are free, absolutely free from sex desire; but the suggestions of the environment of your outer association in the world – you must be strong against those suggestions in order to hold your balance in the Light and prevent those things intruding into your feeling world.

If you will do this, I can give you Assistance beyond your fondest imagination.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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