isis unveiled: chapter chapter VII (thou great first cause)

“Everything in this world has its time, and truth, however based upon unimpeachable evidence, will not root or grow, unless, like a plant, it is thrown into soil in its proper season. “The age must be prepared”, says Professor Cooke; and some thirty years ago this humble work would have been doomed to self-destruction by its own contents.

But the modern phenomenon, notwithstanding the daily exposes, the ridicule with which it is crowned at the hand of every materialist, and its own numerous errors, grows and waxes strong in facts, if not in wisdom and spirit.

What would have appeared twenty years ago simply preposterous, may well be listened to now that the phenomena are endorsed by great scientists. Unfortunately, if the manifestations increase in power daily, there is no corresponding improvement in philosophy. This discernment of spirits is still as wanting as ever.”

H. P. Blavatsky

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