understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I assure you, and you see it before you throughout mankind – I could cite to you and call by name a hundred men, for I have their record, that attained great power of achievement.

When they had gained everything in the outer world their Hearts’ desired – power, wealth, and authority – then when they seemed not to have any further victories to win, they turned to the last thing by which the sinister forces seizes upon mankind, the gratification of the sex desire. Within five years every one of those men became failures, because their excess was very great.

That is why, Gentlemen, idle minds today are the most dangerous thing before mankind, because that is where the sinister force drives the attention.

As the Messenger says, whether in the dance halls or the colleges, the universities or elsewhere, that sinister thing through the jazz music has driven in the most diabolical suggestions in movement, and all to the young people – trying to quickly drag them into the sex desire which the sinister force knows is the failure of all mankind.

Therefore, Gentlemen, I offer with all the Love of My Heart and Kindness, this information which is accurate. You may not realize it, but We have actual records. Just the same as you have your bookkeepers today in your business, just so do We have the accurate records of mankind.
So We know absolutely unquestionably that which We say to you.

There is no intent nor desire upon Our part to say to mankind what they shall do. We present the Truth of Life; then everyone, because of their Free Will, must choose whether they care to accept It and be blessed by It or not.

I want you to understand that in this Work, as the Messengers have always said to you, They state the Law absolutely accurately; then you must decide whether you care to use It or not.

You see by that, not one ounce of energy is ever used to influence you in any way. That is the greatest Blessing of the Work of the Messengers that has ever come to mankind on the face of the Earth or ever will, because everything else in the World today tries to hold its claws upon mankind.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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