understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“The pitiful thing in mankind today is that which the doctors have conceived – the sinister thing that mankind can use the glands of animals to revive their vitality and youth is the most diabolical thing in the Life of mankind today!

Mankind in the human understanding has quite enough of the animal already; but, Dear People, it is the governing of those desires that mankind needs, not the intensifying of them.

Gentlemen, I say to you very frankly, many of the doctors and your associates have caused you to believe that you could utilize your sex desires without any limit and retain success. You cannot do it. I say to you frankly, having watched mankind for centuries – you cannot do it.

Just as surely as you waste that energy for pleasure gratification, one day you will find yourself depleted, without strength and energy; and your success that once was yours will have vanished from your experience. These are Great Laws, Gentlemen, and do not let the accumulated desire govern you any longer.

I say to our youth, what a magnificent opportunity! It is quite right for anyone who wishes to bring forth another form, procreation of their kind, to use the sex for that; but it never was intended for pleasure gratification, because that is the waste of that great Life.

Now notice what the effect is: Where your attention is, there you are and there is the majority of your Life energy flowing.”

Saint Germain

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