understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Men who have great accumulation of wealth in industry are trembling in every fiber of their beings today! They know and feel only too well the vast change which is coming – the simplicity of the requirements of mankind is coming in. It will do away with the ponderous machinery and all that kind of thing which has cost so much money today.

If all graft, which is selfishness, were out of the feeling of mankind, the cost of things would not be one-half – leaving a good profit to those who are at the heads of industries.

You take it in the clothing industry, in the fabrics of every kind, in your machinery, and all that kind of thing which is still the need of the outer world thus far – the profit or money from those things is two, three, and five hundred percent.

Since we are in your lovely Colorado, the mining industry, the industry that should be the greatest industry in America and the World, especially today, has almost been wrecked because of the condition that has existed.

In those previous ages when We used that as an infinite supply for the care and expense of the government, it would care for everything that the government required and still leave abundance for those who were governing. These conditions must again be put into the use of mankind. But in the meantime there must be some means of bringing this about, not in a long, drawn-out period.

Ere many years, you will be surprised how the political condition that exists today, the old political idea, will have almost vanished. It has to do it; this Cosmic Light will compel it to do it.

And mankind will begin to feel the Divine Love, Divine Order, and Divine Justice, and call It forth for each other, from the highest to the most humble activities.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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