understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Beloved Students of the Light, I thank you, and in My Deepest Gratitude I give you all the Strength and Courage of My Being to assist you to go forward in the mighty Application of your Presence and Power of Life, the “Mighty I AM”. Be assured there is not one thing of discord in the outer world that can longer prevent your success, or that can longer keep you from your great and fondest Heart’s Desire.

Let us be real happy and chummy today, for I know only too well what is in your Hearts! Is there any Heart in human form that does not want to be happy or that does not want to be successful? I am sure there is not!

Therefore, Gentlemen, instead of floating in the world of human creation, and instead of being like a ship in a storm at sea with no anchorage – which has been the condition mankind have been in – today you have dropped anchor into the Greatest Intelligence and Power in the Universe, your own “Mighty I AM Presence.”

As you observe this Chart and see your position in relation to your own “God Presence”, Saint Germain God Presence Charthow can anybody who is really sincere question any longer his or her ability to call forth the Powers of the “Presence”, or refuse to accept It as being there?

It is there, I assure you, whether you ever saw It in embodiment or not; still this “Presence” has always been there in every embodiment in which you have ever lived.

Until mankind knows that “Presence” is above each one, there is no anchorage against the human powers for the release of the Greater Powers mankind needs for this successful achievement. You have come to know your “Presence” is there, and your Heart does know it – no matter how much your intellect battles against it, your Heart knows It is there! Therefore, you are coming to act and understand from your Heart instead of your head.

Of course, you, in your intellect, have a Focus of the Directing Intelligence of the “Presence”; but if the intellect tries to act from the information that it has gathered from without, again you are lost!

Don’t you see, Gentlemen, you cannot gather information from without – which is but human opinions, human concepts – and come to the formation of a correct solution of anything! It is only as you call forth this Great Intelligence from your God Presence, your “Mighty I AM”, that you come to know definitely, accurately, and correctly the solution to anything, because the human cannot know it.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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