understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I have known individuals and have watched them. They had this idea; they would not pay particular attention, but because they had gathered a momentum and a tremendous charge of energy in a former embodiment, that energy flowed forth because it was already qualified. But as soon as that is exhausted, they are like a punctured balloon.

That is what mankind does not understand, because it is Life that flows.

Many times in former embodiments you have gathered tremendous energy – some have, others have not – and when one has tremendous accomplishment in this Life, it is because he has charged his feeling world with tremendous energy.

Take your financiers today who have made great financial success. Do you think they did that in this embodiment? Gentlemen, no! Some of those individuals for three of four lifetimes previous had longed for and desired great wealth. They built and gained that momentum which, in this Life, took possession. Why, Gentlemen?

Now notice! In almost every case , that child started out, almost always, as an orphan. Now notice this: Many of them were orphans, oh, with no finances in the family or anything; but that great momentum surged forth through that child’s body, and they began as bootblacks; they became newsboys.

And look what that energy did for them – not because it was built this time, but because that energy had been called forth and charged in previous embodiments for that specific quality.

The great desires of one lifetime become the compelling power of the next!”

Beloved Saint Germain

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