understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“You, Gentlemen, should be interested in knowing that in the beginning of the financial downfall of every nation is excess taxation. That is the claw of the sinister force that takes the very Life-substance out of individuals until they crumple up under the lack of financial supply they need; then these sinister things get their claws on the neck of mankind, and the civilizations perish. That is what is happening in Spain, England, Russia, and the Orient today.

Will you believe Me when I say to you that there are five individuals in the World today who are the power of the World in the human octave? Their subtle claws have gone among mankind by fear – first by a pretense of blessing to gain their fear over mankind, and through that, hold their dominion.

Just as your gangsters in the cities today have held their dominion over individuals by fear, and when somebody has the courage to rise up and call them for what they are, the destructive individuals disappear and their powers stop.

I tell you, mankind must awaken and stand together against these nefarious things. Gentlemen, you might say to Me, “Well, in my position today, what could I do?” Suppose you have very limited finances, and suppose your position in Life is not so impressive from the human sense, and you say to Me, “Well, what could I do?”

Gentlemen! In the Name of your God, you can do one of the most powerful things in the World: Issue these Mighty Decrees that go forth in the mental and feeling world of mankind, and you will render a service that you cannot imagine –

because that Power of your “Presence” is Light called forth, vibrating just like waves going through the mental and feeling world of mankind, toughening the feeling of mankind and stirring them with the Power of Light, which is not destructive.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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