understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I greet you in the Name and Power of Light, your own Light, your own Life that gives action to your physical body.

Today let us hold so close within the Acknowledgment in each one’s feeling world of their own “God Presence” that gives them Life, the “Mighty I AM”, that you may, while the Messenger is voicing My Words to you, allow Me to charge into your world the Qualities that you require for your future activity.

You have beating your Heart the Power and Light, the most practical thing that Life presents. Without that “Presence of Life”, which actually beats your Heart, acting within it, you would not have a physical body here, neither would there be any on the Earth today.

Mankind for thousands of centuries have forgotten this; but today it has been My Privilege to call the attention of mankind once again to their own “Presence of Life”, the Source of their Intelligence, the Source of their Strength, the Source of their Limitless Energy and the Power and Action of Life.

One day I too stood in a limited physical body. Can you imagine for one minute just what it would mean to be wholly Free in a Body of Light-Substance that you could take anywhere in the Universe that you cared to go – that you could go firsthand and gain the information concerning all the Powers and Activities of Life?

Such is My Privilege – hence My Ability to give Assistance to mankind as I did to Washington, Lincoln, and all that was required for the Protection of America.

Today, Gentlemen, be reminded that those days, while there were victories, there is no comparison to the conditions that mankind are facing today. Greatly were those pioneers to be commended for the courage, strength, and victory that were won then;

but if mankind is to stand idly by today and let all those great victories of two hundred years be undone, then it is tragic indeed.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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