isis unveiled: chapter chapter VI (seeds of truth)

“In addition to these freaks played on human credulity by “psychic force”, Mr. Crookes gives another class of phenomena, which he terms “special instances”, which seem (?) to point to the agency of an exterior intelligence.

“I have been, says Mr. Crookes, “with Miss Fox when she has been writing a message automatically to one person present, whilst a message to another person, on another subject, was being given alphabetically by means of ‘raps’, and the whole time she was conversing freely with a third person, on a subject totally different from either….During a seance with Mr. Home, a small lath moved across the table to me, in the light, and delivered a message to me tapping my hand; I repeating the alphabet, and the lath tapping me at the right letters…being at a distance from Mr. Home’s hands.”

The same lath, upon request of Mr. Crookes, gave him “a telegraphic message through the Morse alphabet, by taps on my hand” (the Morse code being quite unknown to any other person present, and but imperfectly to himself), “and”, adds Mr. Crookes, “it convinced me that there was a good Morse operator at the other end of the line, WHEREVER THAT MIGHT BE.”

Would it be undignified in the present case to suggest that Mr. Cox should search for the operator in his private principality – Psychic Land?

But the same lath does more and better. In full light in Mr. Crookes’ room it is asked to give a message, “…a pencil and some sheets of paper had been lying on the centre of the table; presently the pencil rose on its point, and after advancing by hesitating jerks to the paper, fell down. It then rose, and again fell….After three unsuccessful attempts, a small wooden lath” (the Morse operator) “which was lying near upon the table, slid towards the pencil, and rose a few inches from the table; the pencil rose again, and propping itself against the lath, the two together made an effort to mark the paper. It fell, and then a joint effort was made again.

After a third trial the lath gave it up, and moved back to its place; the pencil lay as it fell across the paper, and an alphabetic message told us: “We have tried to do as you asked, but our power is exhausted.”

The word our, as the joint intelligent efforts of the friendly lath and pencil, would make us think that there were two psychic forces present.”

H. P. Blavatsky

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