understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Beloved Brothers of the Light, Minute Men of America! It is a great Joy to speak to your Heart today. As I voice these Words, or flash these Words before the Beloved Messenger to you, I shall clasp your hand and try to enable you to feel in your feeling world the reality, the majesty, the magnificence of your own Life, which is all there is to this Universe, flowing into your mind and body.

Please observe the Chart  Saint Germain God Presence Chartand see that Stream of Light and Energy from the Great God Presence, the “Mighty I AM”, flowing into your physical body, anchoring within your Heart, which is the means of your being here in physical embodiment. Without that Ray of Light and Energy, there would be no human forms here.

Therefore, if you understand that, you will know that all which exists in this human world of action today came through that Stream of Light and Energy.

You might say to Me, “That is quite a large statement.” I say to you, “It is true!” Because everything that has form out here must necessarily first be an idea, a thought, and a feeling that takes form in substance in the physical world – which produced this building, produces your automobiles, your airplanes, and all that is today.

Everything is first an idea, then a blueprint, and then a physical form.

Therefore, if you realize that all that is, all that shall ever come forth into the use of mankind must come through that Stream of Light and Energy which actually beats each human Heart, then you will see that in no way are you limited in that which you can call forth from that “Great, All-Wise Presence” – provided you will comply with the conditions of Life necessary to keep from requalifying that Energy as It flows forth into your body, then out into your world through the power of radiation or direct projection through your thought and feeling.

Then you will understand how you yourself can become a master of yourself.

I mean by that, this physical body and the feeling world that surrounds it as far as your hands extend. Then you will see that you can become the master of that substance which this Energy and Intelligence will use to produce Perfection for you here in the physical octave – the only place where It needs to be called forth, because in the Higher Octaves It is already there.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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