isis unveiled: chapter chapter VI (seeds of truth)

“”Facts are stubborn things”, remarks Mr. A. R. Wallace, in his preface to Miracles and Modern Spiritualism. Therefore, as facts must be our strongest allies, we will bring as many of these forward as the “miracles” of antiquity and those of our modern times will furnish us with. The authors of the Unseen Universe have scientifically demonstrated the possibility of certain alleged psychological phenomena through the medium of the universal ether.

Mr. Wallace has as scientifically proved that the whole catalogue of assumptions to the contrary, including the sophisms of Hume, are untenable if brought face to face with strict logic. Mr Crookes has given to the world of skepticism his own experiments, which lasted above three years before he was conquered by the most undeniable of evidence – that of his own senses.

A whole list could be made up of men of science who have recorded their testimony to that effect; and Camille Flammarion, the well-known French astronomer, the author of many works which, in the eyes of the skeptical, should send him to the ranks of the “deluded”, in company with Wallace, Crookes, and Hare, corroborates our words in the following lines:

“I do not hesitate to affirm my conviction, based on a personal examination of the subject, that any scientific man who declares the phenomena denominated ‘magnetic’, ‘somnambulic’, ‘mediumic’, and others not yet explained by science, to be impossible, is one who speaks without knowing what he is talking about, and also any man accustomed, by his professional avocations, to scientific observations – provided that his mind be not biased by pre-conceived opinions, nor his mental vision blinded by that opposite kind of illusion, unhappily too common in the learned world, which consists in imagining that the laws of Nature are already known to us, and that everything which appears to overstep the limit of our present formulas is impossible, may require a radical and absolute certainty of the reality of the facts alluded to.””

H. P. Blavatsky

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