understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Think of it, We in the Octave of Light, Beloved Ones, We are just as Tangible as you are! Oh, just because you do not see Us, don’t let your intellect say We are not Tangible. The Ascended Master is just as Tangible as you are; in fact, more so! The Cosmic Beings are just as Tangible as you are! Therefore today They are the only Ones who can help you!

Mankind, without the Understanding of this “God Presence”, cannot understand this; and they go on and on, dragging themselves into greater and greater limitations and into the vortex of this destruction more and more.

The Cosmic Beings and the Ascended Masters, having gone your way of Life, have set Themselves Free through the Ascension – not as disembodied spirits, don’t make that mistake.

They are Ascended Beings – hundreds and thousands of Them Who have made Their Ascension as Beloved Jesus did, which is as practical as your mathematics of today.

It is the fulfilling of the Law of Life. It is not an imaginary thing! Gentlemen, do not let anything instill into your mind that unhappy thing.

Once you understand and know this, and you begin to call to your own “Mighty I AM Presence” and see the Manifestation of Its Great Courage, Strength, and Power flowing through you and out into your world, then you will see and know once and for all that there is a “Mighty God Presence” Whose Power does control the Earth and its people.

Once it is given a chance, It will do it; and We are pleading with you, knowing the requirements.

If you will not listen, then you will come into that destruction. And if you enter into it, then We shall be compelled to turn Our Faces away that We may not witness the destruction which will follow.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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