understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Today the impact of the discordant creation of mankind, as I have said to the Students of America, is ten times that of the atmospheric pressure of the Earth. Therefore, you understand then the pressure you are under in your lack of understanding, in your inability to dissolve and consume the accumulations of the centuries.

Therefore, today you are in a position to definitely dissolve and consume every limiting discordant thing that has ever been drawn about you through the centuries.

Remember, Gentlemen, think for a moment! After the accumulation of hundreds and perhaps thousands of embodiments, this is a Great Law of Life – which is your Life – that has seen fit to bring forth the Understanding in its clearness and completeness today, by which you can dissolve – call the “Presence” to dissolve – in a few weeks or months at most, practically all of the discord and accumulation that you have drawn about you through the centuries!

Isn’t it worth any effort on the face of this Earth, Gentlemen, to free yourself and be the success in your chosen vocation you wish to be?

There is not anything of mankind or all put together that can save you – or stay your successful achievement once you understand this “Presence” today in Its all-kindly, humble Law of Its being to produce Its Perfection and hold Its Dominion here.

Not one thing of the human can stand before that “Presence” here, because that Mighty Intelligence, that Mighty Energy which you call forth from that “Presence” is Light – Self-luminous, Intelligent Substance – just as Tangible in Its Own Octave as your flesh is here.

When you call that Light from your “Presence” forth, It just flows in, through, and around you, sweeps out all imperfection, and sets you Free in the Glory of Its Mighty, Directing Intelligence.

Those who have entered sincerely into the understanding of this and have given obedience to the Laws of their Life, have found this to be true. Everyone will and can prove It; and as I have said repeatedly, everyone can prove this law right, and there is not a living person who can prove it wrong.

You are not dealing with something mystical; you are dealing with the Currents of Energy of your own Life. Therefore, Gentlemen, it is practical.

There is not one thing in the Universe so practical as the Application of your own Life applied in your business or the World today.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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