understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Gentlemen, I have decided today to call you My Mighty Minute Men. As I have watched the response to this desire to give protection to America, can you feel with Me for one moment the Joy that fills My Being!

After more than two hundred years when I tried so long to bring about a united Europe and saw at last that it was useless, then in your Beloved, our Beloved America, it seemed the last opportunity left, and so I took advantage of it.

In assisting in the inception of your freedom here, I found those individuals, from time to time, strong enough and who were willing to listen and be inspired. Sometimes I came forth in the Tangible Body and gave the Strength, Energy, and Assistance.

Then today, I found these Beloved Messengers to be strong enough to withstand the terrible onslaught of viciousness, which after all is not just a personal thing. It is accumulated destructive qualities of mankind, and sometimes mankind are – a few are – off guard enough to allow themselves to be used by this sinister thing.

But that is expected as long as mankind have created these destructive qualities; and there is no power anywhere on Earth that does create anything except that which is created by mankind, so far as your physical octave is concerned.

Why is it done, Gentlemen? Why do these limitations and these things exist? Because of the lack of understanding, and because mankind had forgotten this “Presence”. They had forgotten the use of these Words “I AM”.

Why are They so important?

Because when you speak the Words “I AM”, you are announcing Divinity or the Godhead at your point in the Universe, and there is no power of human creation that can stand against those Words!

Once you understand and feel that, then you will begin to set yourself free forever from human limitations into which you have drawn yourself; for mankind, as a mass, are responsible for the discord and the limitations in which they move today.

But because they have been unfortunate enough to create these conditions, Gentlemen, Beloved Minute Men, you need no longer continue in those conditions – because in the Understanding of this “Presence”, That is the Governor of the Universe.

Then you can call Its Power through your individualized human forms, your flesh bodies; you can call the Mighty Power of that “Presence” as Directing Intelligence and Enfolding Protection, until no longer may one solitary thing of human creation or limitations drawn about you affect you in any way.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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