isis unveiled: chapter chapter VI (seeds of truth)

“So far back as 1856, a man considered a savant in his days – Dr. Jobard of Paris – had certainly the same ideas as the authors of the Unseen Universe, on ether, when he startled the press and the world of science by the following declaration:

“I hold a discovery which frightens me. There are two kinds of electricity; one, brute and blind, is produced by the contact of metals and acids”; (the gross purgation)…”the is intelligent and CLAIRVOYANT!…Electricity has bifurcated itself in the hands of Galvani, Nobili, and Matteuci.
The brute force of the current has followed Jacobi, Bonelli, and Moncal, while the intellectual one was following Bois-Robert, Thilorier, and Chevalier Duplanty.

The electric ball or globular electricity contains a thought which disobeys Newton and Mariotte to follow its own freaks…We have, in the annals of the Academy, thousands of proofs of the INTELLIGENCE of the electric bolt…But I remark that I am permitting myself to become indiscreet. A little more and I should have disclosed to you the key which is about to discover to us the universal spirit.””

H. P. Blavatsky

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