isis unveiled: chapter chapter VI (seeds of truth)

“Says Professor E. Hitchcock, when speaking of the influences of light upon bodies, and the formation of pictures upon them by means of it:

“It seems, then, that this photographic influence pervades all nature: nor can we say where it stops. We do not know but it may imprint upon the world around us our features, as they are modified by various passions, and thus fill nature with daguerreotype impressions of all actions;…it may be, too, that there are tests by which nature, more skillful than any photographist, can bring out and fix these portraits, so that acuter senses than ours shall see them as on a great canvas, spread over the material universe. Perhaps too, they may never fade from that canvas, but become specimens in the great picture-gallery of eternity.”

The “perhaps” of Professor Hitchcock is henceforth changed by the demonstration of psychometry into a triumphant certitude. Those who understand these psychological and clairvoyant faculties will take exception to Professor Hitchcock’s idea, that acuter senses than ours are needed to see these pictures upon his supposed cosmic canvas, and maintain that he should have confined his limitations to the external senses of the body.

The human spirit, being of the Divine, Immortal Spirit, appreciates neither past nor future, but sees all things as in the present. These daguerreotypes referred to in the above quotation are imprinted upon the astral light, where, as we said before – and, according to the Hermetic teaching, the first portion of which is already accepted and demonstrated by science – is kept the record of all that was, is, or ever will be.”

H. P. Blavatsky

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