understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“If people – the masses of the people, I am speaking of now – would intellectually understand, and realize, and accept the Accomplishment of the Ascension as the Purpose of physical embodiment in this World, there would come such Illumination to the intellect of man, that mistakes would no longer be created in outer world experience; and that which the World knows as problems would begin to dissolve and drop away.

Until that Illumination comes – until that Sacred Fire Love comes into this World, through unascended beings, and That is poured back to the Great Central Sun – the Purification of the World does not release enough Purity, and enough Raising Power to keep the Illumination going on that prevents more and more creation of discord by mankind, when Individuals are bound in the darkness and the destruction of their own hard feeling to Life!

If I may be of Assistance to you, I trust I can convey to you My Feeling of Love and Gratitude to the Beloved Godfre for His Assistance to Me; because, when you realize what someone’s Love for the outer world can, at the moment that you attain your Freedom – when that Love comes, It is Light that illumines your Pathway, and It surrounds you with the Peace that only Those know Who have attained It.

You cannot be grateful enough for that the rest of Eternity, because of what It means when you enter into your Freedom for Eternity!

That is why the Beloved Saint Germain feels to the Master Jesus His Love and Devotion, and Obedience, even to this hour; because Beloved Jesus was the One Whose Love enfolded Him when He attained His Ascension.

He never fails to pour back the Love, and the Gratitude, and the Devotion to that part of the Universe – that Life – Whose Love was the Light that opened the Door to Eternal Freedom.

So it is with you! So it is with the Blessed Godfre! So it is with every Ascended Master and Cosmic Being!

You cannot understand just how Intense That Love is till you begin to contemplate It; but if you ASK US TO TEACH YOU THE TRUTH OF ITS LAW, AND THE FEELING WHICH IT IS TO LIFE, there will come within you, such Light, such Illumination, that you won’t feel anything else!”

Beloved David Lloyd

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