understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“We offer you the Master Presence of the Ascended Masters’ Sacred Fire Love, to redeem the Earth, and raise all into the same Great Perfection to which the Ascended Master Jesus attained, and into the Great, Eternal Freedom that the Mighty Master Saint Germain has said He would bring about; and he would love, and love, and love the World, till all are Free!

We hope you will love the World, as he has loved It! We hope you will love the World, as Beloved Jesus has loved It! And I hope I may be a part of the Love that helps you to free the rest of Life, till all have become the Ascended Masters’ Manifestation and the Ascended Masters’ Octave of Perfection for Eternity;

and Love – the only Eternal Manifestation – forever fills everything with Its Happiness, and Ever-Expanding, All-Protecting Perfection of Eternity!

We offer you Our All! Our All is the Love of Our Life, and may Its Sacred Fire now come and stay around you, until you are raised into Our Octave forever!

Thank you with all My Heart!”

Beloved David Lloyd

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