isis unveiled: chapter chapter VI (seeds of truth)

“To assert so dogmatically that mesmerism and animal magnetism are but hallucinations, implies that it can be improved. But where are these proofs, which alone ought to have authority in science? Thousands of times the chance was given to the academicians to assure themselves of its truth; but, they have invariably declined.

Vainly do mesmerists and healers invoke the testimony of the deaf, the lame, the diseased, the dying, who were cured or restored to life by simple manipulations and the apostolic “laying on of hands”. “Coincidence” is the usual reply, when the fact is too evident to be absolutely denied; “will-o’-the-wisp”, “exaggeration”, “quackery”, are favorite expressions, with our but too numerous Thomases.

Newton, the well-known American healer, has performed more instantaneous cures than many a famous physician of New York has had patients in all his life; Jacob, the Zouave, has had a like success in France.

Must we then consider the accumulated testimony of the last forty years upon this subject to be all illusion, confederacy with clever charlatans, and lunacy? Even to breathe such a stupendous fallacy would be equivalent to a self-accusation of lunacy.”

H. P. Blavatsky

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