understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Each one’s individual Ascension is a Raising Activity to the whole World! It’s a Raising Activity to the Powers of Nature and Forces of the Elements! It’s a Raising Activity to every particle of life that you contact!

So every thought, feeling, spoken word, and act that you send forth qualified with the Desire for the Ascension, the Sacred Fire’s Love that gives you your Ascension, and the Use of the Ascended Masters’ Consciousness to help you attain the Ascension, everything you send forth is Raising Activity to some other part of Life.

That is why each one can be of such Tremendous Power in his or her effect upon the rest of Life; and that is true of everything that is constructive, everywhere in this World or any other.

Whatever you call forth into manifestation that is constructive, it is always – if left undisturbed by discord – it is always a Raising Activity to all the rest of Life that it contacts!

Now this is the Master Power of the Great Central Sun Magnet! If people understood how much of that Power the outer self could have to use in the outer world activities, to raise every other part of Life into something better than it is now experiencing, the individual who is willing to do that, would forever keep receiving Greater and Greater Blessings from the Ascended Masters’ Octave.

You cannot use your own Life to pour forth the desire, the feeling, and the Blessing to some other part of Life, to raise it to something better, without the Greater Life above you pouring into you something that will raise you into something better!

So, whatever you give to Life that is constructive, the Greater life will give to you in Greater Abundance, Greater Power, and Greater Protection!”

Beloved David Lloyd

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