understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I tell you the only comfortable place to live – when all is said and done, when you’ve experienced everything that has ever taken place in this World – the only real comfortable place to live – permanently – is the Sacred Fire’s Great Central Sun’s Love.

When you call forth the Love of the Great Central Sun’s Sacred Fire as your home, your business, your world, your atmosphere, everything you do, and continue to do that, It will reveal Itself.

I will need to say no more. It will unfold within and around you; It will reveal what It can do; and the Powerhouse of the Universe will have come to abide with you.

So, go forward, and experiment with It tonight.

I’m not giving you any advice; I’m just offering you an opportunity! (Applause) Thank you, Precious Ones.

If you remain standing just a moment, I have just this to say: If you want Freedom enough, you will do This from tonight; and if you do It, your Freedom will come very, very quickly.

So, I enfold you in My feeling of what the Freedom is that comes with that Love of the Sacred Fire.

May It be a Mantle about you, to forever release you from the pressure of all in this World that is not the Great Central Sun’s Love of the Sacred Fire of your Eternal Freedom that lifts you unto your Ascension as you have called.

Accept It tonight; go forward and use It; and be free from the distress of the outer world, till that Hour when you come to Us for Eternity, and no pressure can ever touch your Life Stream again.

Thank you, with all My Heart’s Love for your presence here tonight.

Good night! Won’t you be seated, please.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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