isis unveiled: chapter v (one common origin)

“The author of the Homoiomerian system of philosophy, Anaxagoras of Clazomene, firmly believed that the spiritual prototypes of all things, as well as their elements, were to be found in the boundless ether, where they were generated, whence they evolved, and whither they returned from earth.

In common with the Hindus who had personified their Akas’a (sky or ether) and made it a deific entity, the Greeks and Latins had deified Aether. Virgil calls Zeus, pater omnipotens aether; Magnus, the great god, Ether.

These beings above alluded to are the elemental spirits of the Kabalists, whom the Christian clergy denounce as “devils”, the enemies of mankind. “Already Tertullian”, gravely remarks Des Mousseaux, in his chapter on the devils, “has formally discovered the secret of their cunning.” A priceless discovery, that.

H. P. Blavatsky

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