understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“There has not for centuries – in any age – ever been released into the outer world, the Desire and the Calls for the Sacred Fire from the Central Sun that you Blessed “I AM” Students have poured forth in this “I AM” Activity through the years!

Not in the entire history of the Earth has that much Desire gone forth in a Call to the Heart of the Central Sun, for the Release of the Sacred Fire for the Ascension of all! So, It is raising you far more rapidly than you understand; and It goes on in Its Raising Activity to the Earth.

When It reaches a certain Point, I assure you, the people will awaken – just as certainly as they exist. When the Sacred Fire appears, they will either understand It and love It, or they will bow and give Obedience, until the evil in them is consumed. For there is no escape from evil!

Evil must be annihilated!

Therefore, when you desire these Magnificent Activities of the Sacred Fire to come into yourselves and do these things that produce Greater Perfection, and bring about that change harmoniously, you are establishing a Permanent Raising Force into the structure of Earth Itself.

So, Blessed Ones, when I said that I blessed everything at the Moment of my Ascension – everything that had ever touched My Life Stream, while it was harmonious or otherwise – I just blessed it with the Sacred Fire and let it go.

Oh, you will never know how much pressure you struggle under until you are Free from it. When it completely lets go, you will experience a Joy, a Relief, an Ecstasy of that World of Love which is God’s Heart, and was the Original Way you were always intended to enjoy.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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