understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Now I speak from experience, because in those long years of My Experience in searching for the Man that could help Me to My Ascension, you have no idea what the Intensity of My Feeling built and what Power it accumulated, until the final Moment of My Victory; and that Desire – the Energy I concentrated in that Desire – was the Raising Power that helped Me to the Fulfillment of My Desire.

So it is with you; so it is with all Life.

When you desire That which is of God and continue to desire It, the very Intensity of your Desire draws back into you and your world the Power to fulfill It.

So, never feel discouraged, never feel that any earnest effort is wasted, for it is not. Anything constructive will always raise all Life, substance and energy into something that is better.

While destructive forces, through their evil, seek always to desecrate and destroy That which is of God; yet, My Dear Ones, in their desire to do that, they shut off all ways and means by which they could have help, until they desire God!

I want you to see what this means to Life Streams that come and go in embodiment, with no thought at all of the Fulfillment of the Great Divine Plan.

They are pushed here and there, like a boat on the ocean, without pilot or rudder – battered here and battered there – until the human stubbornness goes down, and allows the Desire of the Higher Mental Body to come into the energy of the outer self, and release Its Power to raise the outer self into the Greater Perfection that is the Fulfillment of the Divine Plan.

Then, I want you to see, and I want to show you what it means to call forth the Love of the Sacred Fire into yourselves; and then, pour that Love of the Sacred Fire to everything in the outer world.

That Sacred Fire Love is the Disconnecting Power that makes every discord disconnect from you and your world and drop away of its own weight. You will never realize, until you’re completely Ascended – did you get that?

I said, COMPLETELY ASCENDED! Do you realize you’re partly ascended now? (Applause) Thank you.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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