understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Beloved Ones of the Mighty Saint Germain’s Family, it is again My Privilege and My Pleasure to take you deeper into the thought and the feeling that is as surely raising mankind, as that individuals exist in this World.

I want you to feel tonight, the Great Privilege that is yours – and It is Ours – in awakening mankind once again to the Desire to fulfill the Divine Plan of Life, and to close the door on the distress of the last two and a half million years.

Because, in the returning of the World and all upon It, into the Luminosity by which the Purity is maintained and the Accomplishment of the Ascension is again brought forth the Original Divine Way, it is a far greater task than you understand and it requires far greater Release of the Sacred Fire than any individual has any concept of at this time.

In your Desire to attain the Ascension the Original Divine Way, there comes an awakening, just like a Flame passing through the emotional bodies of all mankind.

All Life in this World, is aware of the Wave of that Light and the and the passing of that Sacred Fire through the energy of the emotional body and through the mental body.

It is an Awakening again into the Realization of the Great Divine Plan’s happy Fulfillment of the Destiny of each Life Stream. It is not the work of a moment to take mankind out of individuals’ human creation of the centuries.

But nevertheless, as the Flame in the Heart begins to reach up and desire to fulfill the Design of the Divine Plan of the Higher Mental Body – once that Flame begins to expand – It will surge, and continue to surge with a certain Cosmic Pressure from Our Octave of Life that will eventually bring It to the Fulfillment of Its Cosmic Victory.

So, when you desire to attain the Ascension the Original Divine Way, you are doing a great deal more than just lifting yourselves to your Eternal Freedom – you are a Raising Power to all Life, and every time you desire the Divine Way to do a thing, there comes back to you a Release of the Sacred Fire by which your Desire can be fulfilled.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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