isis unveiled: chapter v (one common origin)

“It is more than fortunate that, while the works of some men of science – who have justly won their great reputations – will flatly contradict our hypotheses, the researches and labors of others not less eminent seem to fully confirm our views.

In the recent work of Mr. Alfred R. Wallace, The Geographical Distribution of Animals, we find the author seriously favoring the idea of “some slow process of development” of the present species from others which have preceded them, his idea extending back over an innumerable series of cycles.

And if animals, why not animal man, preceded still farther back by a thoroughly “spiritual” one – a “son of God”? And now, we may once more return to the symbology of the olden times, and their physico-religious myths.

Before we close this work, we hope to demonstrate more or less successfully how closely the conceptions of the latter were allied with many of the achievements of modern science in physics and natural philosophy.

Under the emblematical devices and peculiar phraseology of the priesthood of old lie latent hints of sciences as yet undiscovered during the present cycle.

Well acquainted as may be a scholar with the hieratic writing and hieroglyphical system of the Egyptians, he must first of all learn to sift their records. He has to assure himself, compasses and rule in hand, that the picture-writing he is examining fits, to a line, certain fixed geometrical figures which are the hidden keys to such records, before he ventures on an interpretation.”

H. P. Blavatsky

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