understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Today – I am speaking now directly to the Minute Men of Saint Germain – you have come to a certain point of action. Your momentum is gained. As you continue its powerful concentration in the Call to Life, you will find the full Power of Its Action without limit.

Therefore, understand that in the momentum you have gained up-to-date, it has brought you into a position where, if My Observation serves Me right, you are where you can hold an unwavering concentration by the energy – shall I say the added energy – which you have called forth.

I tell you, it is a Magnificent Achievement, and gives you an opportunity to cleanse, purify and fill your world with the Perfection of Life; that means all upon which your attention is fixed.

Mankind alone may choose through the direction of their attention upon what they wish to achieve, and if you are uncertain, please call your “Presence” to give you clear, direct Direction of that Service that It wishes you to render.

Many people have a definite idea, and that usually comes from the pressure in the desire world; but if there is uncertainty in your feelings, then call your “Presence” to establish Its Directing Action to cause you to do the perfect Thing that your Life Stream wishes.

As you do that, you will find a rest and peace in action that can come in no other way; and as you do This, you will find the Full Power of its Beauty and Perfection daily taking command and action, and bringing into your appearance world that which everyone is craving today.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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