understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Remember, the “Presence of Life” is your Foundation in the human octave, your “Mighty I AM”, and there is no other Source in the Universe. Therefore, today as you go into action in the Fullness of that Power, it is necessary, Gentlemen.

You have forgotten so long! Do not forget This; do not forget your “Presence of Life”, which through that is building your Foundation that makes for your Perfection, Happiness and Freedom.

If you think of your “Presence” one hour and have your attention upon human creation the rest of the time, you will hardly expect to have definite powerful results.

But if you give, and there is not any condition that takes your attention so powerfully in the outer world that you cannot once an hour, give silent, direct, powerful attention to your “Mighty I AM Presence”, and your silent Call to It for your Perfection, then you are complying with Life, because there is not a thing in your outer requirement that you could not, for a moment, send that Call to your “Presence of Life”.

That is what is meant in the statement of practicing the “Presence”. You don’t have to sit down and give your whole undivided attention of the human to that “Presence”, but to once an hour make that Call to the “Presence of Life” during your waking state, would produce such Perfection as you could not imagine at this time, but this is imperative.

That builds your Foundation that is your final Freedom and Perfection, but if you do not do this, you cannot have It.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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