understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I say to you in covering this great scope today, mankind has experienced droughts, and insect disturbance in the producing of that food for the sustenance of mankind; but why do you think that is there? Not because of nature, but because of the inharmony of mankind.

I say to you, the insects that disturb you, Beloved Friends of America, are mankind’s own stinging thoughts that have been their creators. Once mankind understand this, they will see that as soon as harmony and goodwill reign in mankind, all disturbing conditions of the human octave will cease to be.

That is what we are entering into now in this Understanding of Life and the Call to It. As mankind realizes these great Truths, will they find that all of these disturbing conditions will have ceased to find an appearance.

Then in the Call to Life and the response of Life, will nature produce moisture where it is required, and the abundance of production that all mankind may live in the abundance of every good thing, as soon as the selfishness of mankind ceases to be.

That is the only thing that can take this from the feeling world of mankind – the Call to the “Mighty I AM”, the Presence of Life, which will one day dissolve from the feeling world of mankind all selfishness and discord.

Therefore, you are so privileged, Beloved Minute Men today, in having this additional Knowledge of Life, and understanding Its Application.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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