understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Beloved Men of Saint Germain! Beloved Friends of America, as one who just about ten years ago stood in a physical body similar to yours, and by the assistance of the Powers of Light, made My Ascension into that Eternal Freedom, into that Eternal Body of Light-substance that is of a finer higher rate of vibratory action than the physical body, but yet, is perfectly tangible.

Therefore, as I speak to you today, understand that I am just as tangible as you are; and therefore, giving you something of My experience, something of My Power as you enter the New Year, that will give you courage and strength to meet that which you confront, and be the Victor over all conditions.

I say to you, friends of America, who might not be familiar with this Great Understanding of Life, It is quite as practical as anything in your physical world, in your mechanical world;

therefore, if I should make statements to you that seem out of your understanding, or seems unusual to you, remember My experience is that which will lift and bring you into a fuller understanding of Life which all mankind are needing so much at this time.

Since I so recently was in similar limitations to yours, then I can be of inestimable assistance to you in grasping the fuller consciousness of Life and the fuller activity in your feeling world of your authority of Life.

Remember your authority – I speak that with authority, for mankind has not understood their authority of Life.

They have accepted human limitations and the appearance world which has prevented them having, or in other words, releasing from the “Presence of Life” Its fuller expression, which means success and happiness and all that means for the progress of mankind.

Since the forward movement of all progress, as is now being understood by mankind, is not a growth, but an expansion of the Light that beats each human Heart, that means the expansion of the Light within the cells of the body, which is the pattern of the structure of the human flesh.

Therefore, as you understand these simple majestic Laws of Life, you will be able to operate them to any degree that you see fit to call into action.

But I assure you, that in all these activities you must feel the authority, you must feel the right, and you must understand that Life never fails in a single instance to respond to your call.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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