isis unveiled: chapter IV (a testimony)

“True, to the evidence of one scientist and his friend – Messrs. Lankester and Donkin – the accused opposed the testimony of Wallace, Crookes, and a host of others, which totally nullifies an accusation based merely on circumstantial evidence and prejudice.

As the London Spectator very pertinently observes:

“It is really a pure superstition and nothing else to assume that we are so fully acquainted with the laws of nature, that even carefully examined facts, attested by an experienced observer, ought to be cast aside as utterly unworthy of credit, only because they do not, at first sight, seem to be in keeping with what is most clearly known already.

To assume, as Professor Lankester appears to do, that because there are fraud and credulity in plenty to be found in connection with these facts – as there is, no doubt, in connection with all nervous diseases – fraud and credulity will account for all the carefully attested statements of accurate and conscientious observers, is to saw away at the very branch of the tree of knowledge on which inductive science necessarily rests, and to bring the whole structure toppling to the ground.”

But what matters all this to scientists? The torrent of superstition, which, according to them, sweeps away millions of bright intellects in its impetuous course, cannot reach them.

The modern deluge called spiritualism is unable to affect their strong minds; and the muddy waves of the flood must expend their raging fury without wetting even the soles of their boots.

Surely it must be but traditional stubbornness on the part of the Creator that prevents him from confessing what a poor chance his miracles have in our day in blinding professed scientists.

By this time even he ought to know and take notice that long ago they decided to write on the porticoes of their universities and colleges: Science commands that God shall do miracles upon the spot!”

H. P. Blavatsky

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