understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Now you take in chemistry, there are thousands of things discovered that are poisonous to the ordinary system, and yet, you give enough of it and it ceases to be; because the change of vibratory action makes the individual immune.

Now then, when the day comes that you are aware that you can use these Light Rays to perform every service that you require, then your joy will know no bounds, for remember that every Light Ray that you call forth is the Self-luminous, Intelligent Substance and Power of Light.

Now that contains, as you call It forth from the “Presence” – now notice, the ordinary current of energy, as you observe the Chart here, flowing from the “Presence” into the physical body, the ordinary flow of that is not a discriminating intelligence. Saint Germain God Presence Chart

It is a current of energy flowing, and you are supposed to use it according to your needs, but mankind has not known that. They have just scattered it promiscuously not knowing the need of concentrating a focus of this Power, which is their own Life.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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