understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“In the last five or six Classes, the Messenger has poured That forth like a river, trying to get the Students everywhere to realize that This Power of Light knows no opposition. When called forth It goes forth into action that instant.

As you close most of your Decrees with the Call for It to be sustained, then That is sustained; and the thousands of letters and telegrams of the instantaneous healings which take place, show the Power of not only healings of the body, and the remedying of all conditions which are not quite balanced, but healing and solving of conditions in the outer world.

When you see and know that this is done, you will understand why you are not subject any longer to the limitations and conditions which the outer world has imposed upon itself.

The appearance world, you must understand, is not real. It is only the Power accumulated by the use of the requalified energy released by mankind. It is not an Eternal Thing.

The Power of Light is Eternal and a thousand times more powerful than all the appearance world put together.

That is why you must understand this and become more and more firm in the following acknowledgement: “When I call this Light Ray forth into action to render this service for myself or someone else, It goes into action with the Infinite Power of Light and stays in action until the Achievement is complete!”

If you once fully understand this point, there is not one thing in the world you cannot accomplish; and remember, you cannot harm anyone in this Activity.

You cannot harm anyone by calling the Light Rays forth, because They are Love, Wisdom and Power acting in balanced form.

They will dissolve all discord, all imperfection and viciousness; but They cannot harm anything that is good, because They are the Fullness of Good within those Light Rays.

That is what you need to understand and of which you need to remind yourselves in all of your Application and the Decrees you issue.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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